Compact aluminum anhydrous cooking pot Katate, lightweight, durable, and a life of its own

This anhydrous pot has 8uses!  Compact and easy to use while maintaining the same waterless cooking performance!
Whether in the great outdoors or at home, it’s the perfect size for a single serving.
We have developed a professional-grade one-handed pot that brings out the deliciousness of ingredients with its pot thickness and lid weight.
Through artisanal craftsmanship, we’ve achieved pots that are easy to handle, lightweight, and have minimal sticking or scorching, making cooking a breeze.
In terms of the Katate’s structure, the part where the main body and lid meet is like this.
The water seal increases the internal pressure, allowing it to boil quickly and have excellent heat storage properties.
It is because of this it’s difficult for heat and stream to escape. Therefore, rice cooking and anhydrous cooking can be done in a short amount of time.
The weight of the lid is also important. It’s thicker than your average aluminum pot, so you can cook stewed dishes surprisingly fast.
A typical pot is made of cast metal, but our manufacturing method uses a technique called spinning where you transform a single aluminum plate. So there is no need to worry about pinholes.
This is also important to the finishing process, but our craftsmen hand polished the inner surface to make it smooth. This will reduce scorching.
Some other pots are coated, but usually after 3-4 years it will start to come off making it difficult to use.

Which is just a waste. kATATE doesn’t have any coating on purpose. I would love for you to be able to use it from say parent to child.

This anhydrous pot has 8uses; steaming,boiling,stewing,cooking rice,grilling,frying/saute,deep-fry,and as an oven.